Design Services

At Pacific Home, we’re more than just a furniture store. We’re also known for our highly qualified, expert team of designers that can address all your home and office furnishing needs.

Looking to redesign an entire home? Perhaps you’re just looking for a new fabric for your current loveseat? Or maybe you’re a real estate professional looking for that extra edge to skyrocket your sales? No matter how big or small, we’ve got the perfect fit for your needs and can even visit your home or office to make sure you end up with the look and feel that you love.

Give us a call and we’ll help you find whatever you’re looking for. The following is a summary of the services we provide:

One Room

One Room is our signature design service. Let us help you create a plan for an astonishing full makeover of any room in your home.


Multiple Room Design Service

Want to receive even greater value on our One Room service? Find out how to get more for less with our Multiple Room/Whole Home design service.


Design Bar

Got a quick question and looking for an expert designer to bounce some ideas off of? Our Design Bar may be just what you’re looking for.


Custom Design Services (Hourly)

Our design team is available for hire! Now you can get expert, detailed advice for all your custom interior design needs.


Commercial Design

We understand the unique requirements of the commercial and hospitality industry and can tailor our services to meet your needs.


Contact Us

We can respond even quicker if you give us a call! Call 808-596-9338 to speak with a representative about your custom order.

You can also email us about your custom order at